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Say hello to your new windows!

The elegant beauty, real wood feel, color, light and sound control from outside – details like these can transform a room, making you or your clients feel like a new person whenever they’re in it.

At CustomShutters Guru, our goal is to help you add beauty, elegance and value to most all architectural designs, traditional or contemporary.  We handle the entire project from start to finish.




If you’re interested in building your own shutters from scratch, then we have all the professional grade basswood components you need to get the job done.  The ultimate beauty and value that plantation shutters provide for the home is reason enough to make this a rewarding project.

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Our Pre-Milled Shutter Components are Professional Grade Hardwood.  The Same Products Manufacturers All Over The USA Use to Build Their Shutters!

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by CustomShutters Guru

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3-1/2″ Louver Shutter Plan Wizard

CustomShutters Guru

3-1/2″ Louver Shutter Plan Wizard

                    The calculators will determine material cut list and create an assembly 
                     plan for your own custom plantation shutters.  As a rule of thumb, deduct 
                     1/8" from each panel joint; hinges, panel joints, top & bottom (2 panel shutter 
                    have a 1/4" overlap) so use the full measurement for width and deduct 1/4" for height.
"Receive with your order of $150 or more our "Shutter Plan Wizard" Excel Program for your use." 

                                   Measure for Clearance 

  • Measure inside width in 3 places – top, middle, bottom. Measure inside height in 3 places – left, middle, right
  • Use the smallest actual opening measurements
  • Check for square by measuring diagonally – A & B
  • Z Frame or Trim Frame units will accommodate most out-of-square in drywall openings
  • If considering Mounting Strips or hinges only, an inside mount is not feasible if diagonal measurements are not within 1/8th inch. Rather, select the L Frame or go to an outside mount.

Pre-Milled Shutter Component Details

Note to our customers.
We will be out of the office/shop from 9/30/2022 until 10/10/2022. Any calls or orders placed during this time will be delayed answering and shipping.
Thanks for your understanding


If you’re interested in building your own shutters from scratch, then we have all the pre-milled professional grade hardwood components you need to get the job done.  The ultimate beauty and value that shutters provide for the home is reason enough to make this a rewarding project.

We are one of the few sites on the internet that offer pre-milled shutter components to the do it yourself person. Our shutter materials are Professional Grade hardwoods, primed white, requiring minimal preparation and ready for final fabrication. Our products are the same manufacturers all over the USA use to build their Shutters! If you live in the Houston area, we can sell you full 12′-6″ materials for pick-up.

“One of our major objectives for our store is to get as much usable materials into the hands of our customers.”
We are the only retail vendor on the internet offering pre-milled shutter components at 74″ !

Click DIY Components Store for all your shutter needs

Shop our new line of discount price shutter Hardware

Shop our new line of Louver 5 Packs in both 18-1/2″ and 37″ Lengths Louver 5 Pack

Use our free Shutter Plan Wizards for your size louvers to estimate component needs and cost.  Also, you can provide us with your window dimensions and  we will send, with your order, shutter plans and a cut list for your project.

Our hardwood shutter components come pre-primed with a flawless surface finish.  Save hours of milling raw stock, work filling, sanding and priming. 

CustomShuttersGuru also offer our exclusive pre-milled components “Builders’ Packs”   © ” new low pricing” with louvers, stiles, rails, mid rails (large packs), louver pins, rear control arms, magnetic catches and shipping. You save on wasted materials with our sized packages!  Average cost of $10.40 sq. ft. building yourself!

(**No returns or refunds on special orders**)

Calculated shipping at checkout on combined purchase of $150 or more.
A $30 flat shipping charge applies on a purchase of less than $150.
All orders are processed and shipped in 3 to 5 business days, Builders Packs 7 to 12 business days, via UPS or FedEx.

Our products are professionally packaged with a minimum of 3 layers of 32 ECT corrugated cardboard protection and fully insured. You receive your products undamaged and ready for use. Compared to others, our packaging and shipping is the best in the business.

Please Recycle!!!

Louver jigs and hardware have a $9.50 flat rate shipping charge sent USPS 2 Day Priority Mail or UPS and our discount Factory Cut-Offs and “New” Louver 5 Packs also incur a $17.50 flat rate shipping charge.


   Visit our DIY PDF tutorial link 

"DIY Shutter Tutorials"


                                                                                                 SHUTTER GLOSSARY

Rails: The structural upper and lower parts of a shutter panel. They range in height from 2″ to 4-1/2″ based on panel height and louver size.  Our rails come 4-1/2” x ¾” 4.5RP or 5-1/2” x ¾” 5.5RP, primed. Shop Rails

Stiles:  The structural right and left parts of a shutter panel. They house the nylon bushing the louver rotates on. Our stiles width is 2″ x 1-1/16”, flat stiles pre-drilled for 3″ or 4″ centers SFAP-D3 or D4, and rabbeted pre-drilled stiles SRAP-D3 or D4, primed.

Divider Rails:  Utilized to provide additional strength to a panel and allow separate operation of the louvers above and below the divider rail. A great feature of the divider rail is when you want to close the lower louvers for privacy and open the louvers above the divider rail for light and ventilation control.  Our divider rails are available in 3” x ¾”, 3MDRP or 4” x ¾”, 4MDRP, primed.  Shop Rails

Louvers:   The louvers rotate on a pin in a bushing and are connected to a tilt rod that coordinates the louver rotation for control of light, privacy and ventilation.  Our louvers are 3-1/2” x 7/16” L3P and 4-1/2” x 7/26” L4P, primed (see louver clearance specs below). Shop Louvers

Tilt Bar:  Controls rotation of louvers in a coordinated manner for control of light, privacy and ventilation. Our tilt rod is mounted on the  front (standard tilt rod) or on the rear (hidden) of the louver’s edge on the hinge side. Shop Control Rods

Tension System: Is provided on our custom wood shutters to adjust the louver tension to keep movement of louvers consistent.


                                                                                    General Hardwood Shutter Characteristics:

  • Does not warpLightweight yet very strong
  • Uniform grain for a beautiful stain finish
  • Low in resin and tannin which tends to bleed through finish
  • Renewable resource which is replenished as it is harvested
  • Superior gluing and finishing properties.

DIY Components Store

"DIY Shutter Tutorials"

3-1/2" Louver Plan Wizard

 4-1/2" Louver Plan Wizard

“What Clients Say About Us”

2/23/2021  5 star rating 

Reasonable, quick turnaround and nice finished product!! Errol, the owner, is such a lovely guy to work with and so responsive. I was very very happy and will definitely continue to recommend them to my clients! Nice work Errol! Thank you!

Ann B., Woodlands, TX


Shutter louver jig.  Ordered on line, I was notified and kept informed of each step in the process all the way to delivery. Delivered quickly and in good shape. I am building my own plantation shutters and was searching for a jig for drilling the louvers. 

CustomShutters.guru’s 3 1/2″ jig is excellent! This jig greatly reduces the time and improves the accuracy for drilling each louver for the pins. Plus it includes the hole and bit to drill the holes to attach the hidden control arm to each louver. Perfect for my project! Another great feature is it gives you the ability to make fine adjustments so it can be dialed in to drill your louvers perfectly.

Great product and a great company to work with.

Martha H. Tempe, AZ


Shutter parts and components much less expensive than through a woodworking store like Rockler. They also have fantastic customer service. I had some damaged parts in my order and they replaced them without question. Five stars, I’ll be ordering the rest of my project parts from them.

Eric W. Littleton, CO


If you’er interested in a DIY plantation shutter project and your unsure of the design, materials and techniques required, try this company. I have received and built three shutters systems. Each time I have been very pleased with the materials, guidance and customer service. Their sales rep., Errol, is always available, quick to respond and great at explaining the basics and details. I plan to build more shutters and my choice will be CustomShuttersGuru,

Again Thanks,

Weekend Woodworker PWS

Mesa, AZ


I have now received my first order and I am very pleased. First of all, their customer service is outstanding. Errol was most helpful in guiding me to make sure I was selecting the right product for my project. My order was shipped on time and arrived in great condition. Each inner pack was clearly marked and labeled making it easy to check in and to keep all components organized. I am also very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the shutter components. I am very pleased and will definitely be doing more business with them in the near future.

Fred I., NJ


Fantastic Customer service, am working on large shutter repair project for my niece. Errol couldn’t have been more helpful and his knowledge of his product has been instrumental in making sure we have the right items and insights to tackle this project. The Shutter Guru, is doing business the way it should be done 5 Stars *****

Brian M., CA.


Before finding CustomShutters Guru I purchased a jig from Rockler but discovered it fits their 3/8″ louvers. CustomShuttersGuru uses 7/16″ which I like better. So, if your into building your own plantation shutters buy everything from CustomShuttersGuru. The material is topnotch, easy to work with and the customer service provided by Errol is Great. My shutters are now complete and they look great.

David N., Jenks, OK 


Don’t know how I could be more satisfied. The material is second to none and very easy to work with. The value is great too. Errol is certainly a people person and strives to make the customer happy and wants them to be satisfied. He also appreciates your business.

David N., Jenks, OK 


Everything was perfect.  Thanks for the great product and quick delivery!

James F., CO


I will be ordering from CustomShutters.guru again.They were in constant contact with me from Ordering to Final Delivery.They are timely and easy to communicate with. Errol emailed me at every step of ordering and delivery. The order was delivered on time. The packing was professional so there was not any damage. Glad they are in the shutter business.

Bill A. Lakeside, CA


Just want to say thank you and your doing a great job. I emailed last Saturday with a question and a short time later I decided to call and actually got a human on a Saturday. He was in the process of answering my email when I called so he guided me through the whole process and was very helpful. He sent the louvers out on Monday and I received them Thursday and they were triple wrap and was exactly what I ordered in perfect condition. CustomShutters.Guru made me feel like my small order was very important to them and they would take great care in packaging and handling which was obvious by the way they arrived, perfect. Again, Thanks to all who made my project a success, sincerely Matthew K. Macomb, MI


“Everything was perfect.  Ordered on a Saturday had the product on Wednesday.  Was notified several times of progress and shipping info was spot on.

Product arrived flawless and looked very good.  Great company to deal with and will be doing more business with them.”

Rj B. Suwanee, GA


Custom Built Shutters

Note to our customers.
We will be out of the office/shop from 9/30/2022 until 10/10/2022. Any calls or orders placed during this time will be delayed answering and shipping.
Thanks for your understanding


by CustomShutters Guru

Homeowner, Realtors, Home Builders, Architects and  DIY Resource!

Why Our Custom Shutters?

Add classic beauty and value to your home or office with our custom 100% furniture
grade hardwood shutters.
Our custom shutters provide value, savings on energy cost and add an extra layer of
protection from the outdoor elements while acting as a sound barrier. Our shutters
compliment most architectural designs.
Serving Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Conroe and Houston metro area.
​The vast majority of wood used for most wood shutters is basswood
and poplar. The reasons for their dominance in the wood window
coverings industry is their stability and light weight. Besides
cotton, wood is the only renewable resource used in the window
covering industry. Plastics and synthetic fibers are all
petroleum based. Once all the petroleum and minerals used up,
there won’t be any more. Contrast this scenario with wood. Not only
are there more wood fibers growing every day, there’s more wood
fibers growing even after extracting the amount harvested.

Our Products
Our custom shutters offer one of the best products in the industry
with exceptional services and fair pricing. Even better, we bring the
showroom to you and for our contractors either at your office or to
the job site. For the architects, we can meet with you during the
design phase to coordinate our product with your designs and schedules.
We offer personalized service, complimentary consultation, free
measuring and free quotes. You will be surprised at how
affordable custom wood shutters are for your projects.

Beautiful, Natural Wood
We start with beautiful, natural hardwood and carefully assemble
it into your custom shutters that will truly reflect the beauty
of your homes or businesses. Using some of the most advanced
methods available, we control every stage of production. Your
shutters are being crafted to your specifications.

The Best Product at The Best Price

​​We offer our quality wood plantation shutters at direct prices.
We are able to do custom manufacturing with very, specific
details that importers or out of town companies cannot match.
Our low overhead means savings $$$$ for you.

Our Personalized Service Includes A Complementary Consultation with the Guru

Call Today 832-717-7793 or email sales


Services and DIY Store:

DIY Shutter Components Store

Note to our customers.
We will be out of the office/shop from 9/30/2022 until 10/10/2022. Any calls or orders placed during this time will be delayed answering and shipping.
Thanks for your understanding