4-1/2″ Louver Plantation Shutter Plan Wizard

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Plantation Shutter Plan Wizard

The calculators will determine material cut list and create an assembly 
plan for your own custom plantation shutters.  As a rule of thumb, deduct 
1/8" from each panel joint; hinges, panel joints, top & bottom(2 panel shutter 
have a 1/4" overlap) so use the full measurement for width and deduct 1/4" for height.
"Receive with your order of $150 or more our "Plantation Shutter Plan Wizard" Excel Program 
for your use."
                                                            Measure for clearance
  • Measure inside width in 3 places – top, middle, bottom. Measure inside height in 3 places – left, middle, right
  • Use the smallest actual opening measurements
  • Check for square by measuring diagonally – A & B
  • Z Frame or Trim Frame units will accommodate most out-of-square in drywall openings
  • If considering Mounting Strips or hinges only, an inside mount is not feasible if diagonal measurements are not within 1/8th inch. Rather, select the L Frame or go to an outside mount.