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Why Our Custom Shutters?

Add classic beauty and value to your home or office with our custom basswood plantation shutters.
Our custom plantation shutters provide value, savings on energy cost and add an extra layer of
protection from the outdoor elements while acting as a sound barrier. Our plantation shutters
compliment most architectural designs.
Serving Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, Conroe and Houston metro area.

​The vast majority of wood used for most wood shutters is basswood 
and poplar. The reasons for their dominance in the wood window 
coverings industry is their stability and light weight. Besides 
cotton, wood is the only renewable resource used in the window 
covering industry. Plastics and synthetic fibers are all 
petroleum based and aluminum is mined from fixed reserves in 
the ground. Once all the petroleum and minerals for aluminum are 
used up, there won't be any more. Contrast this scenario with 
wood.  Not only is there more wood fibers growing every day, 
there's more wood fibers growing even after extracting the amount 
Our Products
Our custom plantation shutters offer one of the best product in the industry
 with exceptional services and fair pricing. Even better, we bring the 
showroom to you and for our contractors either at your office or to 
the job site. For the architects, we can meet with you during the 
design phase to coordinate our product with your designs and schedules.
We offer personalized service, complimentary consultation, free 
measuring and free quotes.  You will be surprised at how 
affordable custom wood plantation shutters are for your projects. 
Our prices are based on the sq. ft. of the window openings.  
This means your cost is the lowest possible.

Beautiful, Natural Wood
We start with beautiful, natural basswood and carefully assemble 
it into your custom shutters that will truly reflect the beauty 
of your homes or businesses.  Using some of the most advanced 
methods available, we control every stage of production.  Your 
shutters are being crafted to your specifications.

The Best Product at The Best Price
​​We offer our quality wood plantation shutters at direct prices 
with fabrication here in Houston, TX . We are able to do custom 
manufacturing with very, specific details that importers or out 
of town companies cannot match.

Our Personalized Service Includes A Complementary Consultation

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